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The Back Story

The movement was established since 1964. Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) has many leaders to work together without boundaries to build a system in which they prepare children and youngsters for post secondary education, careers and citizenship. IEL organization builds many community schools around the world to teach children how to live with different communities and what’s the best ways to become a good citizen of the country.


The Challenge

IEL designed by “Noticed” agency, they desired more controls from the admin side of their website so they will handle their website easily, and website should be responsive.

The Soultion

We’ve developed IEL in Drupal version 7. We make website scalable on all devices using global responsive framework “Twitter Bootstrap”.

The Result

At the end they were more than happy to see the live website, we’ve provided pixel perfect website, with user-friendly and easily handle admin side options.



Our Approach

IEL a non-profit organizations educate children to become successful leaders in future. It’s a largest and fast growing organization. UI/UX designed by “Noticed” creative team with collaboration of our development team and IEL management team.

Our development and technical teams built pixel perfect website and uploaded to their live server. A responsive site let the users to stay update on their smart phones.

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  • Website Development
    The old website was developed in Drupal. We’ve developed IEL in Drupal 7 the latest version, we’ve provide a lot of options from the back-end side to handle front side of the website. The content management team of IEL was happy to see all options at the end.

  • Server Management
    We’ve managed IEL server. Properly configured with the new re-designed website and installed all necessary tools on live server.

  • Website Speed Optimization
    We’ve managed IEL server. Properly configured with the new re-designed website and installed all necessary tools on live server.

  • Support + Maintenance
    We are providing monthly support to check IEL properly and update every time when needed.




Responsive Website Gestures and Interactions

We’ve used CSS3 responsive framework called “Twitter Bootstrap” for slicing. Our front-end team set different parameters according to design to scale down the website when the desired screen came up.
IEL tested on all major mobile and smart phone devices like iPhones and tablets etc. We’ve take care of design elements and its importance while developing IEL.

  • 21 Team Members
  • 114 Days to Make it
  • 32 Coffee Consumed
  • 13 Awards Received



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