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The Back Story

Kevin Cooper, a specialist in photography, video production and property websites. He is qualified Photoshop designer, his expertise in Time Lapse Videos, Twilight Imagery, Photo Enhancement, Virtual Staging, Currently R&D in Walk Through Videos for 2014, Living Photos (Photos with action) for 2015 and Aerial Photography.


The Challenge

The main challenge was website strategy that seamlessly translate Revealing Homes customers shopping experience to an online environment.

The Soultion

The effort to convert browsers into buyers, we work together with Revealing Homes, we set out to rethink the ecommerce sale made easy for the end users.

The Result

Our main goal was to diminish potential distraction and facilitate a shopping experience that made the product more explorable and actionable.




Responsive Design Framework

While designing Revealing Homes we wanted a flexible framework that would work on dynamic content to be customized as per device dimension. So we’be used globally most used responsive framework Twitter Bootstrap, it has the ability to translate whole site on mobile and tablet without affecting design integrity.

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  • Website Design
    We’ve designed Revealing Homes as per end-user requirements, We’ve done a lot of research before started, to meet the requirements of sign up users, than our dedicated team started with coordination of Revealing Homes team with different wireframes for final design.

  • Website Development
    The main challenge to made admin side as flexible as we can, then we decide to choose WordPress for Revealing Homes development, We’ve properly checked the site to all optimized tools to make sure website work as perfect as we are.

  • Website Speed Optimization
    Revealing Homes properly checked on all optimised tools to make sure website loading speed is fast and website verified cross browser compatibility.

  • Support + Maintenance
    We are providing 24/7 support to check Revealing Homes properly and update every time when needed.




High quality production to significant cost and time

Our production team put a proposal to clients and agencies table with gigantic efficiencies. As every one knows the development and refinement of digital assets continue with out any reduction, the logistics and costs associated with the production of these items across multiple screens in multiple formats are significant.

  • 21 Team Members
  • 114 Days to Make it
  • 32 Coffee Consumed
  • 13 Awards Received



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