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The Back Story

In 2012 Wear and Cheer was established by two thinkers to provide information and knowledge for their visitors that will be effective and more useful for their daily life, it includes news, fashion news, cooking, health and care, beauty tips and many more. The main purpose of this website is to engage people with their health. Authors of the website provide many authentic solutions for different problems, problems that we face in our daily life, and even we don’t know about the solution is front of us.


The Challenge

Wear and Cheer provide informative knowledge to thier users, their main focus on home page design, they need a home page to show alll atest posts from all categories in one place.

The Soultion

Our design solution did not gloss over secondary and tertiary pages, we developed templates that allowed for each of these services to have a unique look and feel.

The Result

DOER was developed a complete website that was more user friendly and highly reliable to their customers.


A Responsive Mobile Strategy

Mobile users have different goals and needs than a desktop users. Mobile strategy should always takes this into consideration.Our information architecture approach enabled users to move between key site sections with ease. All of the primary features found on desktop were adapted to scale down to mobile form factors. Features like personalization, diverse content/categories, as well as cross promotions were readily exposed to optimize and customize the overall shopping experience.

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  • Brand Design
    We’ve designed a brand new logo for Wear and Cheer, Our visual approach was focused on making information sharing easy and accessible without sacrificing sophistication and visual integrity.
  • Website Design
    As part of our brand-wide design overhaul, we pushed Wear and Cheer in a minimalist direction moving away from a somewhat skeuomorphic design, towards a more “flat” and less distracting user experience.
  • Website Development
    Wear and Cheer properly checked on all optimised tools to make sure website loading speed is fast and website verified cross browser compatibility.
  • SEO
    The process of getting more organic trafic our hard work SEO teams get “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search to Wear and Cheer.

  • 21 Team Members
  • 114 Days to Make it
  • 32 Coffee Consumed
  • 13 Awards Received



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