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I’ve worked for last eight years in different companies as well as various freelance websites, Some times I’ve work and want to hire a good developer specialized in his/her field. I’ve almost used all freelance sites and did not satisfy anymore due to their process. Mostly I’ve disappointed with other freelance websites like freelancer, upwork, Guru, PPH, etc. even though I’ve read the feedback they have got but all of this sometimes stuck with a person who has not okay communication skill or lack of knowledge he mentioned he/she expert in it. Anyone can create his/her or her account without any test. There is no check and balance to verify the ability and judge whether the person has the skills he mentioned, my answer is no. I want to develop such a website who have the potential to check everything manually what a person said about himself/herself. Then I’ve shared that idea to one of my friend living in the USA, he let me know there is a website which has the process to check the person before approving his/her account, and that is Toptal.

So I decided to join this great network Toptal, and I’m 100% sure to say, they have a bunch of skillful developers, designers, business analytics etc. Now I’m happy to be a part of the great community and I hope I’ll get the best work done in future.

Toptal founded in 2010; it’s CEO is Taso Du Val. From the last few years, it has become the certain heavy-hitter sites for freelance developers and engineers. This is the best freelance site for the best developers and designers around the world, focusing on technical projects, this company has a policy of rigorously screening their freelancers for skill, English language, and technology knowledge and only around 3% of applicants are ultimately accepted. This “cream of the crop” freelance marketplace, they have the process of test projects and live screening test. Those who can pass through these trials get access to verified clients, whom they are perfectly suited with based on their experience and skills set you to have mentioned.

Toptal lets you decide if you want to work hourly, part-time or full time, and you set your rates, so you’ll never be stuck in a bidding war. Toptal is a freelance network of elite software engineers and digital designers from over 100 countries around the world. It means that once accepted; you’ll join an exclusive community of experts. What’s perhaps best for freelancers is that Total also screens clients and works with top companies like Airbnb, IDEO, and JP Morgan, so you’ll always have a steady supply of interesting projects and customers that appreciate the value of your work.

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